Branch Series 3 (1754 Factory)

Any update about withdraw stake the Branch Series 3 ?

I decided to invest after seeing the investment guarantee. But now it is so difficult to get my investment back. May I ask if there is any integrity present in blockchain or not? Emailed you guys and no reply. Don’t you even bother to send an email to apologize or explain if you don’t return the investor’s money on time?

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Thanks for asking! Yes, it is important, any update about the Branch Series 3?

It’s the issuer’s reliability to pay back the investment and the measurements so far and the next steps are described in detail in the thread below:

Please continue in the thread posted above if you have any more questions. Thanks

Thank u for your reply.How about the Branch Series 3? I am asking this project.

You can contact the issuer via Email, it is the preferred option of communication and the best way to reach him:

I sent email to this address 3 times already. No reply. So I came to here to find some help.

Look mine :grin:

Did u see these follow? How we can do now?

Did u see my reply? Do you have any other suggestions? Right now I can’t get in touch with the program. Does it mean that I can no longer get my funds back?

I wonder if we should create an alliance. If everyone is experiencing the same problems as I am. If you think we should, please contact me. Here is my e-mail address: Please send me an e-mail with the subject “Branch Series 3 (1754 Factory)”.

The Asset Originator/ Issuer provided his email as the primary contact, you can send him a message via DM in the forum as well. Hopefully he replies

There is a Discord channel for 1754 too

Thank u for your reply.I will follow every way what u told me. Let us see what will happen. By the way. 1754’s DC IS not allowed to speak.

Sent to him already: