Wallet Compromised - wallet support and insurance

My wallet (should/can I name the wallet?) was compromised last couple of days. This bring me to the questions of “support and insurance fund” with wallet provider. Yes I know the holder of the wallet has responsibilities etc. however hacking (and all those other techniques) are beyond your average Joe. I am not sure if you could prove that it is a genuine hack or was it just you sending the money away. All these scenarios are beyond my comprehension. I am sure there are clever people who could figure this out by tracing the transactions etc. In fact I can see my BTC sitting in an address, I look at it every morning :frowning:

1/ What I want to ask the RAD community is what qualities should a RAD wallet have (assuming RAD will bring out a wallet)?

2/ Do you look for support and any possible insurance against lost in selecting your wallet? Any recommendations?

3/ What are your experiences with wallet fund lost (compromise). I like to hear what you did to recover your funds?.. other than “no mate its gone!”

towards a safe defi world


@Greensummit : Sorry to hear that, hope you didn’t have too much money on there…
First off, your question is not Centrifuge/Tinlake/RAD specific. So I’d recommend you to research crypto wallets in general a little bit. (PS: RAD will be possible to put on Ledger at some point).

In addition, check out these resources to help you achieve better security:

Furthermore, there are several projects that are building crypto insurances. For wallet purposes, I’d recommend to check out a project called ‘unslashed’. However, no insurance will protect you from someone accessing your wallet by ‘normal’ means - it is your own responsibility to protect your seed, access keys, etc.

Hope that helps


thx for sharing the info, a lot of hacks in the space


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Metamod, Thanks for the resources and links. I thought i did just that, wrote the seed on a paper and put it in the safe. So yes…not sure how it happen but it did. I reiterate the second advice from the community that is prepare to lose only what you can afford…plus kind words from wife helps (if you are brave enough to tell your wife).

My advice to the blog is that if you have any issues (withdraw/pool function etc) with any of the tokens in your wallet, move everything out ASAP. Regularly check your wallet (this sound silly but I know people who don’t check their wallets they just buy and leave).

its still bullish so look ahead for the gainers rather than the one you lost.


Unless you have a hardware token, protecting the seed phrase is only the beginning. You have to have a properly protected endpoint - otherwise for example a trojan or other kind of exploit might access your wallet.

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Sorry to hear about this. It can sometimes help if you disclose the attacks to the wallet’s support teams if they have them.
The advice in the MyCrypto article above is really good.

It can also be quite common to get the user to download a “fake” wallet

It’s recommended to only download from the application’s official links and to cross reference those links with their social media or other established official presence.