Polkadot crowdloan payout

hi. im new to this so i might ask a silly question. but how and when do we get the reward from the polkadot crowdloan. is there a step by step detailed idiot proof guide somehere?

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Hi @robin, to answer your questions.

WHEN: If there are no obstacles in the migration to a parachain, claiming should be enabled later this week or maybe even next week.

HOW: There is a post explaining how the claiming will be here. It is a very straightforward process.


Good day, Robin, and welcome on the forum.
I would like to note that the distribution of CFG rewards for Polkadot crowdloan is still not started yet (should be very soon).
You can find the detailed process here - Centrifuge Parachain Launch Process Update
Centrifuge Parachain Launch Process Update

  • Launch Process


  • :point_up_2:Migration is as quick as possible
  • :partying_face: Remove opportunities for security risks
  • :white_check_mark:Ensure enough time to monitor stability


  1. Monitor Stability [March 11 - March 28]
  2. Bootstrap Council [expected before March 28]
  3. State Migration [expected the week of March 28]
  4. Remove Sudo + Enable All Calls [after at least a 48h period of stability]
  5. Enable Crowdloan Claiming [immediately after sudo removal]
  6. Implement Collator Strategy
  7. New Features!

About your question. The answer is yes, we have a tutorial on how to claim CFG rewards for polkadot crowdloan.
You can find this tutorial here - How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot


thank you for your quick respose!!!


You are always welcome, feel free to ask.

I can not claim my Parallel Crowdloan Rewards, because my account balance is too low, obviously :wink:

Screenshot 2023-11-11 at 11.48.37

Please send some CFG to my Polkadot.js account to cover fees, thanks!

Hi @ba5ill. You can claim now

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Hi there, I’ve been trying to claim my CFG tokens from the parachain auction but get the same 1010: message as many others regarding inability to pay fees, how can I remedy this please?

please provide your wallet address.

Hi, I assume its the address my .JS wallet gives me when I select the Centrifuge Chain?
in which case it is: 4fjvAF4y2W9ziuuGvkY7mH4TpeexcH39tqUmRujmnQfUXD4B

Please try to claim your rewards now.

Amazing! I was able to claim succesfully - thank you kindly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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