Introducing the Centrifuge Credit Group

Thanks for the warm intro and for your contributions to the Centrifuge community @thespaceacatjr! I am looking forward to working with everyone to expand the value of the Credit Group and bring more real asset yield to crypto rails.

In the near-term we are planning to formalize the Credit Group charter and strategy. This will ultimately lead to a more objective, formalized risk-review process for new pools on the Centrifuge platform. You should expect to see something posted in the coming week for the Credit Group charter!

I come most recently from Abra (a crypto-native banking platform) where I was a director on the credit and lending team which was responsible for deploying and managing the digital asset loan portfolio across various counterparties (trading companies, BTC miners, BTC ATMS & other esoteric short duration real assets). Prior to Abra I spent 2.5yrs working as a private credit analyst at Nuveen (an institutional tradfi asset manger) focused on underwriting and portfolio management for asset-heavy corporate debt, private ABS & project finance related credits.

Excited to build with the Credit Group and with the rest of the community. Defi needs more quality real asset yield!