Centrifuge is NOT OK?

Let’s see the way that I can help.

  1. Is there a way centrifuge can be everything at once? Perhaps.

  2. Why did you go for a community growth with 2500 RAD? Don’t know it could be explained better than the spreadsheet that could be interpreted as a 2500 cap for everyone/per person.

  3. When the community participated (here I mean me) the system or the moderators LOCKED or REMOVED all my posts and topics. Why?

It is the baby of the devs and moderators so whatever is not praising the project or not mentioning Centrifuge or Tinlake is not worthy of being on the forum.

Funny that I read the community guidelines and it doesn’t require that the posts are great quality or what it needs to say, but still my stuff was not worthy. I was never offensive or an asshole. I admit was here for the RAD and badges.
(Which I probably will not be receiving after posting this.)

The heavy-handedness of it all was disheartening and confusing. Do they have limited recurses for content or was my content so bad… I guess the second but after being Locked and removed I tried contacting the moderator for some guidance or a reasone…no response. Busy I guess.

So Centrifuge is not the new Reddit and actively driving people away. it is B2B network that does not need a community?

For my part, the criticisms that I have laid out are in good faith that somebody who gives an f… (GIVE THIS A LIKE) And the policies of the forum will change and the project will succeed.

Let’s see how long this stays up.

And I am not going anywhere. (please don’t ban me)



Hey there :slight_smile: the community incentive was capped at a total of 2500 RAD and after receiving 320 submissions we likely won’t have any leftover rewards. We are currently verifying submissions and will get RAD rewards out as soon as we can!

As for locked/removed posts, some posts may have been incorrectly flagged and we can look into that. However some posts may have violated our Centrifuge Governance Forum Rules, please read the banner at the top of the page on discourse. Any posts that are irrelevant to Centrifuge or violate the forum rules will generally be removed.


I was wrong … the rules a clear but there is still the question of why are they so restrictive?
Are you trying to grow the community or not?

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